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Inthe age of communication and information technology, communicationcategories including speed and facility in establishing communicationand its developing in the range of global communication, alsoinformation service including the process of analyzing and recognitionof needed information ,gathering, process, classification ofinformation, specifying the ways, instruments of information service tothe people and finally updating the information are the main part of thelife in developed and developing countries.

Nowadaysin all the developed and developing countries internet network is usedfor presentation of information and internet has cut down bordersbetween the countries and distances are meaningless. Internet is usedfor teaching, doing daily works, buying and selling, etc.

Thereare similar web sites all over the world. They are introduced totraders, buyers and searching engines with the investment of governmentsand private parties in order to introduce the industry of the countryand in addition to domestic sale, they consider to exporting in thesesites.

Aims of the Plan

Itis the first specialized bank of information about machinery andmachine manufacturer in Iran. Its aim is gathering the information ofmachine manufacturers and machinery in order to use for domesticmarket and also exporting to other countries. Site does its activitiesin multi-language form.

Persian domain name is: www.iranmachinery.com

Website is available for other countries as: www.MachineryReference.com

Websiteshows machineries in specialized form along with picture, technicalspecification and information regarding the manufacturer of machinery. After selecting machinery by visitor of the site, manufacturer can giveconsultation about the machinery or equipment.

Astechnical specification of the machineries is available for all thevisitors, site is best place for interchanging the information betweenthe machinery manufacturers.

Importing technology from other countries is another important activity of the site.

This website helps us to receive primary information, in case of interest you can purchase and save time.

Advantages of the Plan

  • Establishing a comprehensive bank of information classified to newmachinery, used machinery, companies, machinery equipment and buyingand selling offers.
  • Abilityto primary introduction of machineries and showing technicalspecification without referring of buyers to manufactory or salesoffices.
  • Ability of making direct links to e-mail or website of manufacturer or representative.
  • Ability of advanced searching in site according to technicalspecification including: name of the company, field of activity, etc.
  • Ability of advanced searching of the equipments.
  • Consulting to buyers and introduction of manufacturers for buying the best machine.
  • Introduction of machinery manufactures along with their logo, resumeand contact information.
  • Introduction of technical-engineering companies relating to industryalong with their logo, resume and contact information.
  • Website is introduced to searching engines as Yahoo, Google, …
  • Ability to add information to site in simple way and by using prepared forms.
  • Access to information in 24/7.
  • Using cascade menus and categories for easiness of users.

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